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Songs Meg Needs. :[

Jan. 31st, 2008 | 09:56 am

This is a completely random list of songs that I need to DL so I can remember. ^^;

Sanctificum - DJ Tiesto (Lenne has this I think, I've heard it before...)
Zak and Sara - Ben Folds (I forgot I liked this song. :O)
Eastern Vibe - 4 Strings (It's like 4chan. LAWLZ. [...o_o;])

MALCHIK GHEI, MALCHIK GHEI. (Sorry, it's playing right now. :|)

Extraordinary Way - Conjure One (I think they're Canadian. xD)
We Shout - t.A.T.u.
Awakening – Rank 1
The End – Groove Coverage
Destroy She Said – Circ
William Tell Overture (Damn you, Chelsea House. -_-)


Jan. 31st, 2008 | 08:50 am

I would so do this.  >>;

http://xkcd.com/161/ (Go and you'll be laughing for ages.)

December 25 2007

Dec. 25th, 2007 | 08:50 pm

December 25 2007


Bleah.  I know Lenne wanted more rants along the line of my last one, but I’m in more of an emo mood today.  Poo.




It’s Christmas, so I really should be happy and shiz, but eh.  I got things kind of like what I wanted…  Like, I got a Wii game, but it’s Mario Party not Twilight Princess.  Mario Party is fun, but I don’t exactly have anyone to play with right now.  Also, I got a camera, but I don’t really like it so much.  It’s 6 megapixels, which is nice, but it’s huge.  My brother got a nice skinny one with more megs, better zoom, and a bigger screen.  What the hell.  I really should be happy that I have a camera at all, but I’m a little upset that it’s going to be such a pain to carry around.  Would it be okay to ask them to return it and give me the money so I can buy a different one?  Why am I such a spoiled bitch?  Sigh.


I installed all the Sims Expansion Packs that I have today.  That is, Unleashed, Superstar, and Makin’ Magic.  I really want House Party.  Maybe I should DL it?  So anyways, I made a Plouhar family, a Rijievskiy family, and a Trier family.  The only person who actually looks like himself is Steve.  Haha.  It’s always easiest to make the ugly people look like themselves.  Not kidding.  And it’s always hardest to make the most attractive ones look like they really do.  For example, Taylor looks kind of like Johnny Depp, and Max looks like…  I don’t know.  He has a ponytail though.  I think I picked that head for him because it had the same facial hair. 


So, my cousin is being published apparently.  It’s a book called ‘Guilty’ and she used the pseudonym, ehm…  Crap.  I can’t remember.  Something Fitzgerald.  Also, she legally changed her name to something Roberts.  Alex something.  Alexis?  No.  Whatever.  The point is, if she can get a contract with Random House for seven books, then Coralie is a shoe in to become a best selling author.  Hell, if Ashley/Alex can get published, so can I.  Haha. 


I’m really really bored.  I’d call Lenne and make her come over, but it’s 8:30…  And I doubt my parents would let me have a sleepover.  Sigh.  Maybe I should practice violin?  Eh.  I have to work tomorrow…  I don’t want to at all. 


I can’t wait for New Year’s Eve when I can finally get out of my house again.  Granted, it will be someone else’s house, but it’s not mine at least. 


Speaking of New Year’s, should I date Austin?  Hm.  I really should.  But I’d feel bad because I’d still obsess about Taylor.  And when you have a boyfriend, you really shouldn’t be wishing you were dating someone else, even if you don’t know them and there’s no chance of it happening.  That’s my problem.  I have this idiot part of me that thinks that I shouldn’t date Austin because then I’d be taken and I’d have even less of a chance with Taylor than I do now.  Which is already zero in the first place.  But, I also kind of really want to date Austin, because then I can yell at Dawn for being such an idiot around him.  It pisses me off how much she abuses him.  Ugh.  She’s a nut case, I swear.  Hehe. 


Anything else to rant about?  I dun think so.  I wish I had a memory card for my camera (my brother’s has memory built in, btw) so I could camwhore.  Tomorrow maybe.  With Lenne and Cori?  We can have a photo shoot to make up for all the times we had wished we had a camera.  Sounds like fun times. 


It’s so hard not to use smiles and frowns and such.  I feel like going for one after every sentence pretty much, but I stop myself because I think they ruin the mood, especially when I’m being emo.  It’s like, ‘oh hey I’m so upset but I still want to be cute by using these little text faces, lawl’. 




I hope that my brother is off the computer soon so I can go post this.  I had to edit my last entry because I decided that putting people’s full names (who I don’t even know) in my journals was kind of weird.  So when I used first and last it’s officially going to be like Meg R---.  Because then everyone who reads this will at least know who I’m talking about, and if there are any people who shouldn’t know who I’m speaking of they won’t know.  Meg Ross?  Meg Rick?  Meg, ehm, Rich?  Hahahahaha!  I just made a huge ‘ex dee’ face at that.  Hahahaha.  Ha. 


On the way down, I saw you, and you saved me from myself.




This is quickly becoming silly and lighthearted and all around Meg-y.


It’s also going to become too long and people will lose interest.  Oops.   


DECEMBRE 24 of the 2007. Very early in TEH AM. (12:04)

Dec. 24th, 2007 | 01:59 pm

          Today I made up my mind on several things. One, that Taylor P------ is a lost cause. Also that he will be mine no matter what. Just like Josh. Sigh. Second, I am going to start a band called ‘Cherry Tart’. Or Tarts. Or Lenne and the Cherry Tarts. Beacause she would not appreciate being called a tart. Plus she will be the main vocalist. Anyhow. Thirdly, I need to buy this book of sheet music so that I can sing this song at Collage or somewhat. Rather vague there. Tis called ‘No Fear Aisuru Koto’. Very pwetty. Ooohh. I should do this one instead, ‘Outside’, because it is instrumental. And I could play the violin part. But there’s drums and shiz. I don’t know- Yes! Matthew Johnston plays the drums. But could he be in Collage? He’s in elementary… I unno. 

          So does that make me a whore if I kiss Kris on New Years, pine after Taylor for a while, and then resign myself to fate and date Austin? Or am I just exploring all my available options? I’ll have to consult with my psychiatrist about that. Aka Lenne. Aka girl-who-knows-everything. Aka LENNE OF OMNIPOTENCE. BOW DOWN BEFORE THE ALMIGHTY RUSSIAN UKRAINIAN SOVIET MASTER… Ehm… Sorry. It’s midnight… OH MY FUCKING CHEEZUS. IT IS CHRISTMAS EVE. GWAHWAGHPIJSKDLAGANKG… Ehm, see, like I said. Midnight. And Christmas Eve. Dahaha. Presents tomorrow. Megums is excited, wot. Also British. 

          My other Russian (who’s really not my Russian at all, he’s just another one.) is funny. Such a spaz. Today he asked me what happened we used to be so close. Haha. I told him I know, after being on Oksuf one time we must have some special bond or something. And so he accused me of hating him like Lenne. Except that Lenne doesn’t hate him because actually she loves him quite a much bit very lots. Like I love Taylor. Except that hers is legitimate and requited so there must be something more to it. Nyaaah.
Aghh. Why did it take me this long to notice that Taylor? I’d seen him plenty of times before and was like ‘omfg Ben transferred to my school aaaaah’ except for that he wasn’t quite as ugly as that fag. Ben I mean. Is a fag. Not Tay. Ha, Tay. I’m already making pet names for him, what a stalker creep face. What was I saying? Oh yeah. I didn’t notice him until one night at Tree. I was like, hey I know that kid kind of, well I recognize him anyways. And then over the course of the next minute or so I gradually developed an attraction to him. It was really weird, but also quite pleasant. I decided that I have a weakness for boys with dirty blond hair and chocolatey brown eyes. Teehee. Chocolate. Yummmm. Also emo glasses. It is the ultimate sex appeal right now. Tall and skinny with dirty blond hair, brown eyes, and emo glasses. Aka, Taylor P------. Ack. What is wrong with me? Why do I develop such idiot attractions to guys who could be complete jackasses?!? Sigh. 

          Yay boys. Why do I enjoy writing about bloody boys so much? Ah well, it’s fun. And keeps me occupied. So in order of how much I would like to date them, here are some of mai boizz. Taylor, Austin, Kristoooph, Ethan. He’s new. Dunno why but he’s mildly attracting me. Go figure, wot? In order of wanting to shag, or just make out with, it would be Tay, Kris, and yeah. I suppose if we want to use the same boys as above, Austin and then Ethan would follow. Except Ethan would be a lot further away on this one. Daha. Oh, you ask why Austin has a higher rank that Toph on the datability scale? I decided today that Kris is wickedly attractive and would be good in bed… ehm, pretend I didn’t say that last part. Anyhow. We just don’t get along as people. I’m incapable of holding an intelligent conversation with him. It’s just like there’s this giant block sitting between us and I can never think of anything to say around him. So I’m in love with the idea of Kris, not Kris as actually his wonderful sexable self. Ack. Tart. BYLO I PROSHLO RUSSIAN RUSSIAN RUSSIAN omfg. I love this song. It gives me ear orgasms. Plus ‘bylo I proshlo’ is fun to say. 

          Hm, kay. I could rant some more. But I’m going to write music. For my band!??!?! No. It’s orchestra. Maybe my band will be an orchestra? With a fucking trombone. Gwah. Obsession much?!?! Methinks so. But at least I can admit it. See you in about 24 hours again, or sooner if I think of something else to rant about

Blah. It be 12:51. I am drained of all creativity that may have been inhabiting my shiveled soul. Is this journal going to become the narrative of my life? My hand smells gross. Also I am going to turn this song into sheet music and or play Pharaoh. 

MP3 Rotation

Dec. 20th, 2007 | 07:59 am
location: School. Hehe.
mood: apathetic apathetic

So, Variations on a Theme is officially going to be moving here. Freewebs is pissing me off. Half the time the server is down, and those freebars are idiotic.


Comments are appreciated. I don't know how many people even come to my site any longer. D: I was inactive for a really really long while, so... I'm afraid I've lost people. :\

Here are 4 songs that I've uploaded so far for this rotation:

Highly Recommended songs are underlined!

Song: He's a Pirate
Artist: DJ Tiesto
Language: Instrumental, but there's a quote or two from POTC in the begining
Length: 7:00 (10 MB)
Rating: 15/10
Comments: OMFG TECHNO. O_____O!! I think, maybe, this should be an instrumental rotation. :D



Song: Outside
Artist: Aphex Twin
Language: Instrumental
Length: 5:53 (5 MB)
Rating: 9/10
Comments: It's Russian-y. Ehm... And violin-y. Russian violin. It's really good though. DL it if you like instrumentals. :3



Song: Ukiyo CROSSING
Artist: UVERworld
Language: Japanese
Length: 4:36 (6 MB)
Rating: 9/10
Comments: Ah ha, I love the boys of UVERworld. They're pretty recognizable. :D This is really good, and it reminds me of... Ugh, I lost like all my JRock musics, and I can't remember which it is... But it's definately classic UVERworld style. :]



Artist: L`Arc~en~Ciel
Language: Japanese
Length: 4:46 (4.5 MB)
Rating: 6/10
Comments: Ehm, I don't particularly like this song, but it's Larku, and also it's a Christmas song, so it's with the Holiday Spirit. :D Though, I think I'd like to have a Christmas rotation... o.o

{[Listen?]} (Direct Link!)



Rotation Update!

Jul. 10th, 2007 | 09:48 pm

Variations on a Theme is now updated!  I'm wondering how useful these posts are, so if you have been getting to my site through my LJ posts, please leave a comment and let me know!


In this update:

Emi Hinouchi - O'Kay
Koda Kumi - Candy (feat. Mr. Blistah)
JJ Lin Jun Jie - 無盡的思念 (I Miss You)
ELLEGARDEN - Salamander
Alice Nine - Stray Cat
Se7en - ありのまま (Ari no mama)
Byul - I Think I
Cherry Filter - Just... OK!
ELLEGARDEN - Alternative Plans

Enjoy!  There are also a TON of leftovers that are still active, I've listed them under a cut.  :]

Mp3 Rotation Update

Jun. 12th, 2007 | 01:08 pm
mood: tired tired
music: Se7en - Se7en's Love

Updated Again!  Go check it out here

Mp3 Rotation Update!

May. 23rd, 2007 | 04:03 pm
music: Epik High's 2nd Album

Click to visit

Hamasaki Ayumi - Fairyland
Rain - 안녕이란 말대신 (Annyeong Iran Maldaeshin)
Se7en - Girlfriend
Orange Range- Sayounara
Big Bang - We Belong Together
JJ Lin - After 1000 Years
1tym - Bus
DBSK - Balloons
Yiruma - Lost in Island (free version)
Big Bang - Dirty Cash + MV

Have fun!!!!


Jan. 14th, 2007 | 10:08 pm
music: 다음날 - Big Bang

Yay for icons!!  I've posted these on different communities so....  You've maybe seen these before.  ^^

Big Bang [12]
Se7en [4]
Jun Gi [5]
Baek Kyeong (1tym) [4]
Joo Ji Hoon [4]
Rain [1]
Micky (DBSK) [1]



More over here~!Collapse )Big Bang


Jun Gi

Baek Kyeong

Joo Ji Hoon


RainMicky (DBSK)

(no subject)

Nov. 13th, 2006 | 09:44 pm
mood: tired tired
music: Wishy Washy - Se7en

Gwah! I am in need of a new layout. I haven't been on here in forever.... But not that it matters because no one ever reads this. >_>

But, you can probably maybe be expecting some wallpaper and/or icons in the near future. Especially if I can get rid of dial-up and get DSL or Comcast or something.